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bos.ten AG was established in 1990 in the German town of Regensburg, in northern Bavaria. The company executes and maintains projects in the field of renewable energy, for national and international investors. Our competencies cover the entire chain of tasks: from plant supervision and maintenance to business management.

In cooperation with our affiliated company sun.factory, we also offer a wide range of services, from planning and engineering, to the construction of photovoltaic systems, which are sometimes implemented through Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracts. Furthermore, we provide a broad portfolio of technical reports and expert opinions.

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The family business 

geschaeftsleitung familienunternehmen


We are Jutta and Marius Weber, the faces of bos.ten group’s management. We guide and manage bos.ten group with the approach of a family-owned business. We don’t just treat the members of our company as mere employees, but as co-operators, co-developers, co-creators: people with the requisite talents and a passion for renewable energies.

Since we reorganised our family of businesses, we have started to convert our offices into more comfortable and lively workspaces. Flexible working hours and fair, performance-related salaries form an essential part of our aspiration for high levels of employee satisfaction.

We know how fast our modern working environment is changing and understand the importance of striking a work-life balance. That is why we make a special effort to provide family-friendly working conditions and to support our employees in pursuing a healthy work-life balance.


Our Guidelines

We embody the energy transition by offering solutions that are technologically advanced and economically efficient.

We are a versatile company and continuously develop innovative products and services to help progress towards the goal of decentralized energy supply.

We are respectful of others and of nature.

We appreciate our customers, business partners and colleagues, and treat each other with fairness.

Our management team watch over the development of employees the company with equal care.

We are confident that we can overcome difficult times thanks to our knowledge and drive.

We are proud to have gained the trust of our clients, as a high-output and innovative company.

We aim to contribute to regional development by working together with local businesses, initiatives and associations in favour of the energy transition.

Philosophy of bos.ten group

Sustainable solutions for energy transition

The ability to combine technology and profitability is what make us stand out. It is the best contribution we can make to the transition to renewable energy. We are proud that our competence and team spirit provides a solid basis to continuously develop better products and services.

Innovating together

We count on our employees to treat colleagues and customers respectfully, and work in an entrepreneurial and responsible manner with the highest levels of professionalism.

It is important to us that we encourage our employees and offer opportunities for development. We value the international and diversity make-up of our workforce, because it allows us to provide exceptional solutions.

Responsibility and appreciation for employees and the environment

As entrepreneurs, we are aware of our economic, ecological, and social responsibilities. That’s why we strive to drive forward sustainable development across all these areas. The environmentally friendly handling of resources is one of the key principles in how we run our business.

We also put emphasis on paying our employees in line with the market, and with their performance. We put transparency at the heart of our management of the business. We are open to proposals and willing to face problems. We expect independence and self-responsibility, and we are willing to hand it over to reliable hands. Together with our team, we take the technical, social and psychological challenge to grow the company into a prosperous future based on digital leadership.

Using and sharing our know-how

We appreciate our close ties with research and development of renewable energy and will not cease in promoting it. We aim to keep up the rate of apprenticeship at around 10%.

The world is constantly changing and we, as a learning organisation, have a proactive role to play in forming it. The focus of our business is therefore sustainable organisational development, innovative products and an excellent relationship with our customers.



Our company history 



Foundation of sun.deli



replacement of our executive comittee
with an new strategy team



Foundation of LEAD.TEC

Establishment of the bos.ten Group



Foundation of sun.energy

chronik leitungskreis


Reorganisation of the companies
Establishment of a new executive committee



Foundation of sun.factory
First PV free field systems built



Foundation of EMA (Energy Agency for Measurement and Billing)



First PV project development



Decision to specialize in the field of photovoltaics



Formation of an AG (public limited company)
Decision to focus on renewable energies

chronik michael


Formation of a GmbH (limited liability company)
Development of real estate projects



Foundation as a private business
by Michael Drysch


bos.ten Group

bos.ten AG is part of bos.ten Group, which deals with a whole variety of issues concerning renewable energy. Each subsidiary, in its own field, makes a valuable contribution to the group’s performance diversity.



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