sun.factory goes Balkan

After the succesful finalization of pilot projects in the eastern European area sun.factory will expand their business also into the Balkan region in the future. Together with this expansion Mr. Bekim Selmani is introduced as sun.factory’s official representative and will take care of the new region. As a trader for solar components Selmani is not only an experienced player in the PV industry but also brings with him a big network. Sun.factory and Selmani pursue the same target: the expansion of PV in the Balkans. This region is generating it’s energy often still with conventional generation and old power plants or sometimes through water power, unfortunately the energy demand cannot be covered by these systems alone. Therefore affected countries have to import their energy in many cases.

Governments of these countries are aware of the problems they have and are already planning to increase the part of renewable energy within their energy mix which certainly makes sense also for photovoltaics because of an above average solar radiation.

“We’re looking forward to our joint work with Selmani in the Balkan region” said Marius Weber, acting commercial director of sun.factory. “With an experienced local representative we’ll be able to realize projects with new dimensions”.

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